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eLink software is the next step in the evolution of the alarm industry. The software is accessible anywhere via a Web browser, providing complete connectivity and productivity solutions through the use of the latest Web design and access technologies. The eLink system allows secure, encrypted connections over the Internet or your company's Intranet through a Web browser.

eLinkeLink is the only system that allows dealers, central stations, accounting and service departments access via the Internet. Sub-dealers or groups within a dealer can access data within a dealer's range of accounts. This allows large dealers or corporations to have multiple branches and restrict access to only those they want to see what data.

Remote users can submit data change requests or they can be allowed to update their subscribers' main data, contacts, zones, schedules, holidays and notes. Remote users can submit data changes to the central station and those changes are stored in a queue for review.

This feature called "e-commerce verification" allows the changes done over the Internet to be verified at the central station or corporate office. If the changes are accepted, the software informs the user that they were accepted. If the changes were not accepted, then the software informs the user that the data was not accepted and tells them why. The user then can resubmit new changes for approval.

eLink Features