What sets AlarmWatch apart from the competition?

Customer Assistance Program 

AlarmWatch offers an industry-leading front-line troubleshooting program called the Customer Assistance Program. All of the operators at AlarmWatch are trained to assist customers in the most common challenges associated with their alarm systems.   Our operators successfully handle 90% of the routine calls that come in for technical support.  This leads to a reduction in calls to dealers and their technicians and ultimately to more satisfied customers.

Rapid Dispatch

AlarmWatch has one of the lowest accounts to operator ratio of all monitoring stations. Customers are called usually in under 30 seconds on alarms.  Authorities are dispatched faster than larger monitoring stations, resulting in quicker response and increased probability of resolving situation.

Customized Response

We conduct all communications with the customer, authorities and responsible parties using the name of the alarm dealer. Customers believe the alarm dealer and the monitoring station are the same.  Allows for seamless integration into dealer’s offering of goods and services.

Dealer Referral Program

AlarmWatch is one of the only monitoring stations to pay referrals on a recurring basis. Alarm dealers, satisfied with AlarmWatch’s excellent service, can refer other alarm dealers to switch monitoring to AlarmWatch.  The referring dealer will earn a percentage of the new dealer’s bill each month, as long as both dealers remain with AlarmWatch.  Some terms and conditions apply.

Acquisition Assistance

AlarmWatch has trusted contacts in the business of facilitating acquisitions and mergers. Alarm dealers can leverage the contacts from AlarmWatch for assistance in handling the financing, legal and operational concerns involved with a merger or an acquisition.