Let our highly trained operators provide excellent front line technical support to solve your customers’ challenges quickly.

CAP Program

AlarmWatch developed the Customer Assistance Program (CAP) as a marketing tool for your business. We know that your customers have many choices when it comes to choosing an alarm service, and the CAP was created in order to give you a competitive advantage in your marketing efforts. When you promote “your” CAP program, you can assure your customers that there will be someone on “your” team available to answer their questions, anytime, day or night.

Common Calls

The most common calls coming in to just about any central station will involve relatively simple arming, disarming, and zone bypass questions from end-users. The questions are simple, that is, if the operator has the information available to solve the problem for the user. Most central station monitoring services lack the resources, and therefore either refer the caller to the alarm manufacturer, or to you, the alarm dealer.


At AlarmWatch, we have invested in putting the operational manuals for nearly 100 security panels online and at the fingertips of our central station operators. More importantly, our operators are trained and tested on these various systems regularly, and can successfully handle about 90% of the routine calls that come in for technical support. And, as far as your customers are concerned, they are getting their problems solved by a member of your staff … which means you look good, even while you sleep!