Here is just a couple of loyal customers, and what they had to say about us.

Hello, my name is Bill Lock and I own Lock Alarms and I wanted to share some of my reasons I am a AlarmWatch Customer. AlarmWatch is my central station and has been for a long time and will be as long as I am in business! Why you ask well here are a few facts about Alarm Watch that that makes them the leader they are.

1. The staff is a well-oiled machine all the way from central station crew to the president of the company. The central station staff is always on the ball, and I have received numerous compliments from my customers on how courteous my staff is. I also hear that ‘I barley had a chance to shut off the alarm at the keypad and my phone was ringing with the central station making sure all was ok and asking for my password’.

2. As for the central station equipment Mr. Hoffman has kept it on the cutting edge to insure no matter what direction my company may go AlarmWatch will be there to support me.

3. The technical support is top notch as well the team he has assembled is trained in a diversified range of manufactures equipment. And you can rest assured if you have a question, they will have an answer or find the answer and get back to you in a time frame you did not expect. They are not only the BEST they are quick too!  

4. Last but not least another important factor for me was their location and infrastructure. Well, let me tell you they are not just in the same state as me (Central California), but they are also in a building that was designed for communication! They are located in what was the communication building for the U.S. Air Force Base at Castle A.F.B. now known as Castle Field. That is one building built for the job they do with its backup generator and redundant power supplies. I can sleep well at night knowing my customer are in the BEST hands in the business!  

Thank you ALARMWATCH for taking care of me and my customers.

– Bill L. Lock
Lock Alarms

To whom it may concern,

    I have utilized the services of Alarmwatch for about fifteen years .Originally, the relationship started with Steve Hoffman, founder of the company and alarm industry veteran. After Steve passed away, in 1998, his son Matt succeeded him at the helm.
    We have been very pleased with the relationship, especially the CAPS program. This program allows the Central Station operators to answer 98% of our subscribers questions without bothering our on call service tech after hours. Sleeping through the night is a great benefit of working with Matt and his staff. We have had extremely few problems, and when minor issues came up, they were always accessible, and quickly resolved any issues. to my complete satisfaction. I also like having my phones live answered 24/7 with a personal touch. The operators have had low turnover rates, and excellent telephone etiquette. Their technology is always up to date as well. I never find them lagging behind the times.
    If you are looking for a giant mega central, this isn’t the place. If you want a boutique with excellent high touch service where you and your business matter, I would recommend them heartily. For honesty and business integrity give them a score of 100.

– Howard Feldman
Pioneer Security Services Inc.